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About Värtahamnen

Portalen is the gateway to the new urban district, Värtahamnen

Work directly on the waterfront and breathe a little easier, quite simply. Värtahamnen is becoming a dynamic new district with everything you need to work and live. A place within the city limits, 8 minutes by bicycle from the city centre yet close to nature and next to the sea.

Värtahamnen is a historically important area that, with innovative building technology, is being developed into a new living urban district, 24 hours a day.

Sustainability is what the new district is all about. The city of Stockholm’s vision is for Värtahamnen to become the most socially sustainable part of the city, and the environmental goals are ambitious, to say the least.

The waterfront and Värtahamnen’s history as a harbour set a pleasing tone, enhanced by the many appealing attractions for tenants and visitors. A neighbourhood worth going to after work and social gatherings with friends. Värtahamnen will not only be a place to work but a new city within the city, inside the city limits. When the area is completed, there will be approximately 2,000 flats and office space for 20,000 people.

Our new building Portalen is located at the gateway to Värtahamnen, and the offices provide a unique opportunity for companies wanting to be part of the new district.

A lively district 24 hours a day

Värtahamnen will offer everything necessary to work, live, shop, go to the gym or just a place to meet good friends after work for a beer.

Timeline – Portalen

Breaking ground
Foundation started
Basement level complete
Framework and façade complete
Building ready for occupancy

Imagine walking along the water to your office, with a view overlooking nature for the rest of the day. Simply, breathe a little easier.


Värtahamnen is a new city within the city, within the city limits. From the city centre, it’s 5 minutes by subway and 8 minutes by bicycle. Central but close to nature.


Värtahamnen is a lively urban district 24/7. When the workday is done, nightlife starts up in the harbour. Why drive into the city centre when you can have a beer with friends after work at a place overlooking the sea right outside your office door or on one of the rooftop terraces?

Experience Portalen

In our digital showroom, you can get a feeling for how Portalen will look like. You can choose among different interior design styles and get a sense of what it would be like to work there during the day and in the evening. With Portalen, we’ve carefully thought out what will make a workday easier for you as a tenant. Simplicity that creates value, quite simply.

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