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Interior designs

Interior designs

Simply choose your company’s style.

Our two carefully chosen interior design styles make it simple to decide how you want your office.

The office space at Portalen is designed to create pleasant workdays, designed to different companies and their needs. Choose between two interior design styles, designed for different ways of working, both styles of a high quality that will last over time.

Style 1

Interior design style 1 is inspired by Scandinavian tradition with light, natural colours, straight lines and simple forms. Elements of wood bring to mind the focus on sustainability and strengthen the connection to nature.
Choose between traditional furnishings with a focus on individual work or on a more project-based format. Quite simply, office space that adapts to you.

Style 2

Style 2 is for companies that prefer a rawer style. Concrete and open ceilings give a more industrial feeling, reflecting the district’s history as a harbour. Minimal walls mean more open workspaces that invite a more project-based way of working.
With interior design style 2, nothing is written in stone. Here you can decide how your company wants it. Quite simply, office space that adapts to you.
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Designed by Blake and developed by Heading North